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Dec 1, 2022

Recorded October 6th 2022  

On today’s show Dr. Siva Nalabotu tells his story, starting VetCheck out of Fishers, Indiana in 2016 to meet an unmet need in pet urgent care.  He quickly realized the model could work in other markets and decided to begin franchising the concept to allow for rapid expansion.  Today, Dr. Siva also offers a private investment vehicle to help fuel that growth and allow investors to participate in the potential upside.  A disclaimer should be added here in that cohost Matt Henry is employed by VetCheck and as such has a conflict of interest, which is also noted in the recording.

Guest Bios
Dr. Siva Nalabotu, DVM, MS, PhD Is a board-eligible veterinary toxicologist with several years of experience in veterinary medicine. His experience includes preventative care medicine, evidence-based medicine, surgical care, and emergency medicine.

Growing up in rural India, Dr. Siva has long been passionate about caring for animals in need. In fact, he turned down an offer to go to medical school in favor of pursuing veterinary medicine.

As the leader of VetCheck Pet Urgent Care, Dr. Siva has provided exceptional wellness, emergency, and urgent care for countless pets in the Indiana area. Driven by his passion for making high-quality care both convenient and compassionate, he has built a successful veterinary practice and wants to help other veterinarians experience the joy and satisfaction of practice ownership.

Siva’s Book Recommendation –Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0 by Jim Collins

Links - Franchisee site - PE fund

Who are the hosts?
Austin Crites, CFA: Austin is a past-president and current committee member of CFA Society Indianapolis. Professionally, he is the Chief Investment Officer at Aurora Financial Strategies where he manages US-focused, all-cap, style-agnostic equity strategies as the core of client portfolios. Austin is a 2008 graduate of Marian University in Indianapolis where he is now an adjunct professor in the Byrum School of Business.

Matt Henry, CFA: Matt is a Senior Investment Officer at STAR Wealth Management. He is also a Past President and a director of CFA Society Indianapolis. When he’s not managing porfolios, Matt teaches Finance 300 at Ball State University. He enjoys air conditioning, wi-fi, and the conveniences of indoor living.